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Online Certificate Course

September - November 2021

3-months online certificate course run from September to November 2021, with final assessment at the of the course. Certification recognized by Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida!

Course content 课程内容:
Ballet Technique 芭蕾技巧课
Ballet Pointe 芭蕾足尖课
Variation Class 古典芭蕾变奏
Body conditioning 肌力与体能训练
Contemporary 现代及当代舞
Chinese Dance 中国舞
Indian Dance 印度舞
Anatomy 舞蹈解剖学
Jazz 爵士舞
Creative Movement 创意律动课
Character dance 性格舞
Ballet history & Music 芭蕾历史与音乐
Ballet Etiquette 芭蕾礼仪

Vaganova Workshop

31 May - 5 June 2021

2 - 11 July 2021
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Face Shield Production

All our staff and teachers are making 1000 face shields at home for the frontliners in Malaysia to support them during the lockdown of Covid-19.

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Fundraising Campaign - Food for the Poor

The covid-19 pandemic marks an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome. Asia Ballet Academy hopes that we can serve and give our best to the community by ballet. Therefore, we are holding a campaign to raise funds for the following charities to help those who are migrants, refugees and urban poor. This is a dance piece performed and choreographed by 100 teachers and students from Asia Ballet Academy. We have raised RM6388 within one month, in which all the funds have been directly deposited into the Refuge for the Refugees charity account.

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Nutcracker Virtual Performance

Nutcracker under the Chimney!

A story of Christmas Magic 🪄

Everywhere can be your stage! Let’s celebrate Christmas with everyone all around the world without traveling!


Pandemic cannot stop our passion in dance and performance! Lockdown may have limited our space to perform, but can never limit our creativity to perform! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming streaming performance - Nutcracker under the chimney. Full-length performance will be streaming in USA, Singapore, China, Japan, Brunei and many more to come… 

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University Program

Asia Ballet Academy is proud to collaborate with the Dwi Emas International School for the university program, providing 4 programs in Dance - Diploma of Dance (BTEC). Students will continue their professional journey through our extensive network in the creative industry for global internship opportunities and open doors to bigger career prospects.

Learning Outcomes
- To enhance their knowledge in ballet and music
- To cultivate students’ technical capabilities in classical ballet while nurturing their artistic growth as dancers.
- To provide students a chance to continue their professional journey through our extensive network in the creative industry for global internship opportunities and open doors to bigger career prospects.

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Don Quixote Charity Event

We managed to invite few groups of under privilege kids mainly the local orphanages home and Myanmar Refugee kids to witness our performance. We walk them through Istana Budaya to educate them where they were and all of them were so thrill because this is their first time in their life stepping into this hall and above all seating among the audience watching us performing at this majestic performing theatre. We pray that our dance has inspired if not all but few of them to want to become a dancer one day. No matter what role we are in, surely we have inspired these kids and many others. We will keep dancing and enjoy every moves, someone is watching us !

Beneficiaries :

 - Zomi Learning Center

 - Pertubuhan Wanita Dan Keluarga House of   - Joy

 - Siamsin Learning Center

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Don Quixote

14th & 15th December, 2019

Don Quixote is a classical ballet first presented in 1869 by the Ballet of the Imperial Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, Russia. It is a very iconic ballet in Spanish style with bright red long dresses and the use of fan as well as tambourine.

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Master Class by Mr Cheng in Young Dancer Program

13th June, 2019

Master class by Mr Cheng Hsien-fa, artistic director from the Cheng Ballet Academy, Singapore

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7th & 8th August 2019

1st September, 2019

We are very honourable to invite Ms Elena Zabalkanskaya and Mr Vladimir Issaev to be the instructor for our Professional Enhancement Certificate in Russian Ballet Technique.

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Professional Enhancement Certificate in Russian Ballet Technique

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Russian Ballet Association Teacher’s Certificate Course

This course provides training to fulfill Russian Ballet Association's requirements and enrols students in their Practical Teaching Examination to attain Teacher's Certificate in Vaganova Methodology. This course is taught by the ballet master from Russia, Vladimir Issaev.

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Korea Ballet Association Youth Ballet Festival

10-11 August, 2019

Our students have been invited by Mr Jaehong Park, president of the Korea Ballet Association Youth Ballet Festival to the Youth Ballet Festival.

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Musical Theatre

July and December, 2019

Musical theatre is a combination of singing, acting and dancing to tell a story. This program we offer can’t be found anywhere else as we provide our students with professional vocal training (not lip-syncing) along with dance training. There is no vocal or dance training. There is no vocal or dance training background required to join this course.

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Stage de Danse Classique by Je Monte Sue Scene in Toulouse, France

11-16 July, 2019

Our students have been awarded scholarships to the Stage de Dance Classique organised by the Monte Sue Scene in Toulouse, France.

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Young Dancer Program

June - August 2018

June - August 2019

This program is to gather all the talented young dancers from all over the world and to provide a professional training and performance opportunities. The Vine is planted and nurtured by our loving teachers and hard-working students. In just a few months, the most important fruits - love, joy, patience, and many more - have grown, and you are invited to harvest them.

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International Ballet Gala Luxembourg

16-23 May, 2019

We are very pleased to be invited to the Interenational Ballet Gala in Luxembourg, Germany. We have brought a piece that is to show Malaysia culture to perform there.

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Fairy Doll

18-19 January, 2019

There were four open auditions were held in Kuala Lumpur and Penang with more than 200 candidates in total. This production has disrupted the ballet industry which consisted of mainly practices and examinations in the past. Through this production, teachers, parents and students will learn first-hand what a professional ballet production is like, how it is made and hence raising the standard of performing arts in Malaysia. It also educates the community on how ballet belongs on stage and every child deserves to shine on it on top of dancing in a classroom. Besides, we have also invited overseas artists from professional ballet company as guest performers.

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