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We believe that when given an opportunity to learn and do what they love, every student with motivation can succeed. The Scholarship program has been designed to recognise, encourage, and support talented individuals pursuing an education in the Asia Ballet Academy. In keeping with the spirit of giving back to society through education, Asia Ballet Academy  awards scholarships every year at our academy events, as well as scholarships linked to our partners in regional, international competitions and activities.

Asia Ballet Academy Tuition Scholarship

Scholarship Programme

Asia Ballet Academy Tuition Scholarships are awarded yearly to the gifted ABA dancers who through their talent, hard work, discipline and passion have achieved success at numerous levels throughout the year. 


  • Recipients of this scholarship are expected to perform at a high level and are expected to extend their activities outside of academy. 

  • Demonstrates consistent hard work and dedication to dance as an art form and who makes positive contributions to Asia Ballet Academy activities.

  • Contribute significantly through involvement in showcases, competitions and other performances. 

  • The scholarship is awarded for the duration of their study at ABA and is reviewed based on their report card during the Parents Day. 

  • Dedicated and exceptional in their attendance 

  • This scholarship entitles the holder to the remission of part/all tuition fees.


Academic Scholarship

Asia Ballet Academy are proud to award the Academic Scholarships for candidates who are high achievers academically in their respective schools. We offer opportunities for students to participate in ballet courses through full or partial tuition scholarships to eligible applicants.This scholarships opens up opportunity not only to students who’s already attending intensives dance classes, or to those who already can afford to attend dance training programs, but to the hard working students who seek to pursue their passion and goals through performing arts.


The scholarship recipients must present a letter of recommendation from the latest/current school's principal to verify the student's good behavioural record, academic achievements and curricular activities during his/her school years. Applications are evaluated equally on both merit (achievement and potential for success) and demonstrated financial need.

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