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18-19 January 2019

Writing a new page in The Fairy Doll history

The world premiere of this classical ballet with brand new sets and design will be the most surprising ballet you have ever watched!

The Fairy Doll, originally Die Puppenfee, was staged in Russia by Sergei and Nikolai Legat in 1903, and later performed by the cast of St Petersburg Ballet, including Agrippina Vaganova, one of the most respected icon in ballet who also devised the Vaganova method. The production has remained in the repertoire of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet for more than a century.

In its premiere in Malaysia, culturally diverse characters are added, with brand new tailor-made costumes, sets and designs. Collaborating with Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida, it is the first innovative professional ballet production presented together by students from various local ballet schools in Malaysia.

First Act

The story occurs in a toy shop with distinctive dolls from different countries. The store owner and his young assistant happily show customers the dolls, and the children dance joyfully with them. After a while, parents become impatient and quarrelled with their children.

Finally, the store owner brings the most precious doll of all - The Fairy Doll. The stunning and charming doll dances in front of all customers. With her magic powers, she puts the adults to sleep.

Second Act

The Fairy Doll takes the young assistance and children around the world. She takes her guests feel the local visual culture in France, dance with Flamenco in Spain, spent Mid-Autumn Festival in China, appreciated the religious Japanese fan dance, elegant and lively Russian dance, enjoyed Korean dance which shows character of endurance and strength ,traditional candle dance of Malaysia that represents the balance of force and mercy in life. During the journey, all dolls in the toy shop, including the tin soldier, Bunny Doll, Music Box Dolls, Harlequin
Doll, come to life and travel the world with the children. The exciting journey comes to an end as two Pierrots dances with Fairy Doll.

As children go back to the store, the adults awake from a dream of the very same journey in which they found the origin of joy. The Fairy Doll reminds everyone to that simple and positive attitude will bring innocence. To be young at heart is to love life, wake up every day and enjoy that day as a gift.